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for students and expats living in Paris!

Dr. Kleindorfer

I created this website specifically to address the common issues many people face while living abroad.

Prior to my own move to Paris I counseled many foreign students and adults who were struggling with issues associated with their adaptation to American culture.

Now, especially having been through my own relocation to Paris, I’ve developed both a personal and clinical appreciation of the diversity of private difficulties that arise when everything seems ‘out of context’ and it’s hard to identify ‘what’s wrong’ and you don’t know where or to whom to turn, or who to trust.

Chances are that you’ve already tried to solve these problems yourself, or with the help of family and friends, sometimes, with some success.

I can assist you with gentle psychotherapeutic techniques to help you to maintain joy and optimism, while enhancing your unique, creative problem-solving skills.

My goals are both to assist you with your personal situation and personal development while working with you to enable you to have a meaningful experience in Paris.

As a licensed professional I offer you something different. With me you will have the opportunity to explore and make new decisions in a supportive, completely confidential environment without having to consider the expectations of others.

Please contact me to schedule an initial consultation!

(I also specialize in adult survivors of childhood trauma, dissociative disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. You can find information regarding these issues at: www.capaconsult.com)

Help for Students

As a student on a study-abroad program, you might find counseling a useful tool to facilitate your adjustment to a new country. Some of the common types of issues that students experience are:

Help for Expats

I offer counseling and psychotherapy for a range of issues that you might confront while living in France as an expat. Some of the common issues are listed below:

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